First and Second Claim Club Membership

England Athletics define rules of competition for athletics clubs generally and running clubs in particular. Most road races in England are licensed by England Athletics and organised according to their rules. Under the rules an athlete may be a member of and compete for up to two clubs.

First Claim Club Member
The first club you join is known as your First Claim Club and you are defined as a First Claim member. This status remains in place until you give notice that you wish to terminate your membership of that Club.

Second Claim Club Member
In addition to having a First Claim Club as defined above you are permitted to become a member of a second club. This may be be for social, coaching or other reasons. In respect of your membership of that second club you are defined as a Second Claim member.

Your First Claim Club pays your affiliation fee to England Athletics. You can only have a Second Claim Club if your First Claim Club affiliates you. If you compete in a race in which your First and Second Claim Clubs are in contention then you must represent your First Claim Club. If the competition does not offer a team prize then you may compete for either club. This is most important for inter-club and league races where there are team results, but it also may affect other events.